History of Verhoef Consultancy
History of Verhoef Consultancy
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Verhoef Consultancy BV was founded in 1979. Since the start industrial cooling and refrigeration techniques always played a major role in Verhoef Consultancy. In the first years, Verhoef Consultancy was involved in the design of refrigeration installations for a large number of auction halls in the Netherlands. The installations consisted out of cooling and freezing equipment, but also out of cool-down facilities for forced cooling of AGF products, such as vacuum-cooling, suction-walls, tarp-cooling, and so on.

Through the years, a demand for distribution centers started to appear. Since then, Verhoef Consultancy has designed a large number of refrigeration installations, in the Netherlands as well internationally.

Up till now, Verhoef Consultancy has developed itself into a trustworthy and reliable consultancy, specialized in temperature and climate controlled distribution centers. Read more about our services, expertise and projects performed by Verhoef Consultancy.