Damages of produce or mechanical systems. Avoid repetitions

Repair or replace failing components? With the right expertise, the right decision.

Damage expertise

Frequently Verhoef Consultancy is requested to investigates losses and damages. The various kinds of losses and damages handled are basically:

Produce losses
Verhoef Consultancy is requested to investigating the cause of damaged produce. Often the damaged produce is a result of: temperature, mould, collapsing boxes and pallets, whereas the causes can be either technical, logistical and/or in the produce itself. Due to many years of experience in the fruit and vegetables market/application, Verhoef Consultancy is able to determine the causes of the occurring damages and losses.

After retrieving the cause, we will discuss the possibilities to prevent a recurrence of the damage.

Mechanical damage
Occasionally, a refrigeration installation fails unexpectedly, or components in the installation fail unexpectedly or sooner than expected. A one-to-one replacement of a component (for example a compressor) or simply resetting the installation after a failure is not always the way to go. It is advisable to find out why the installation or a component failed in the first place. Causes are for example: a mechanical or a human failure, a design error, by the control system, or perhaps operational / maintenance errors.

Verhoef Consultancy will find the cause of the losses and damages, and will advise in next steps. In case of a total system failure we can assist in order to minimize downtime and make plans for necessary repairs and to assist in temporary solutions.

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