Smart energy efficient refrigeration techniques

Verhoef Consultancy, over 40 years the expert in refrigeration services.

Industrial Refrigeration

Verhoef Consultancy is involved in the design and realisation of a large number of industrial refrigeration system, cooling as well as freezing, both national as international. Refrigeration is for almost all clients the essential core of the business. A failure in the refrigeration will endanger all main operations, downtime and repair times are not an option. A well designed and supervised refrigeration system is therefore essential.

Designing a refrigeration installation is a joint process, the refrigeration system will be tailor based on the customers' needs and requirements. Each design is therefore unique and specific, whether it is a new building, re-build or renovation. The designs will be adjusted on for example the logistical processes, energy-usage, sustainability, durability, environmental aspects, reliability, flexibility, applicable law and regulations, and of course the financial requirements. Verhoef Consultancy will guide the client step by step, based on the following general roadmap.

The design of the cooling and freezing installation has a major influence on the construction of new buildings. Coordination of the refrigeration facilities between all parties is essential. For example the location of the machinery room, locations of refrigeration piping, location of air coolers and other components must take place at an early stage in order to prevent clashes, errors and stagnation of the works. Early participation in the project is also important in order to implement an optimal use of heat from the refrigeration system (heat recovery). For heating, a natural-gas-free operation is in most cases possible, even at high temperatures.

Verhoef Consultancy is a reliable partner for your refrigeration project. We refer to our reference projects, services and expertise for further information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or require additional information.

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