From idea to product

Technology is developing fast. Verhoef Consultancy can help you.

Innovations, studies and developments

Innovations and developments have always been important and the common theme within Verhoef Consultancy. In cooperation with clients and governmental institutes research and innovations are often performed. Most research projects are focussed on improving existing processes, increasing efficiency within installations or processes, minimize energy losses, or even implementing new techniques.

Recent examples is the research project "Predictive Smart Cooling" in which predictive analytic parameters are being used within the control strategies of the refrigeration installation. Furthermore Verhoef Consultancy developed a Performance Monitoring System (Verhoef Performance Monitor) which shows the performance and energy efficiency of the system. The Verhoef Performance Monitor will be used also in the final acceptance test of new refrigeration systems.

With pleasure Verhoef Consultancy will be your sparring partner. Together we can analyse and discuss creatively the existing or new processes.

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