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Tender Assessment

Verhoef Consultancy checks and judges a large number of refrigeration and HVAC offers per year. Most often the offers are based on a tender, technical description or are offered according contractor's own discretion and interpretation of the project.

Selecting the right cooling and freezing system is essential. After all, the (technical) lifespan of a cooling and freezing system can run up to 25/30 years. The right type of refrigerant and annual operating costs are often more important than the initial investment costs. A total picture of all costs over a longer period is essential for a for making the right decisions.

Our extensive expertise enables us to formulate independent and objective advice to the client, substantiated choices and decisions can then be made. Offers will be checked on, for example selected design, energy consumption, required environmental permits, and possibilities for subsidies. A comparison of the several offers or checked and judges offer will be summarized and reported. Technical support during (negotiation / awarding) meetings with installers belongs also to the possibilities.

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