Reference list

Fruit and vegetables
As from the establishment of Verhoef Consultancy a large part of our activities is performed in the perishable area, like potatoes, fresh fruit and vegetables. End 1970s the produce in the Netherlands was mainly sold by auction halls which were able to store the produce at the optimum storage conditions. Consultants of Verhoef Consultancy have actual knowledge on the storage of perishable products.

Specific knowledge on products is used in developing the logistical processes and in designing the cooling and refrigeration installations.

As from the establishment specialist knowledge in the field of refrigeration has been most important within Verhoef Consultancy. All consultants have required skills and knowledge. Specialist refrigeration knowledge remains up to date because Verhoef Consultancy always has been a market leader in designs. Continuously, studies are performed which aim at improvements with conservation of reliability.

Indoor climate
An optimal indoor climate is essential for optimal working performance. Control of temperature, humidity and supply of fresh air is a specific expertise. A not perfect indoor climate system can lead to discomfort in office situations or lead to quality problems in production processes.

Damage expertise
Verhoef Consultancy excels in specific knowledge in the field of refrigeration and specific properties of perishable products. Therefore Verhoef Consultancy is able to find the cause of mechanical or product damage. All consultants of Verhoef Consultancy have a high level education, combined with practical experience.