Indoor climate in high-care rooms is a specialists work

An integral approach is required for the desired positive pressure without condensation.

High-care rooms / Humidity control

Often an accurate and right indoor climate is of most importance. The indoor climate has an impact on for example performance of workers, growth or processing of food and plants, sports performance, and so on. Important points here are draft-free supply of fresh outside air, pleasant temperature and humidity.

The optimal design for indoor climate installations (HVAC) depends on the functionality of the various locations. For example, for utility buildings (offices) there will be different requirements than for high-care rooms, production areas, sport accommodations, and so on. In all situations the optimal installation needs to be designed based from the specific requirements.

Verhoef Consultancy has the required expertise for realizing the required and intended climate. Important aspects will be implemented, for example filtering of fresh air, positive air pressure in high-care facilities, humidity control, temperature control, disinfecting techniques such as UV-light, and so on. Additional expertise can also be provided for processing areas, where condensation must be prevented.

Verhoef Consultancy is a reliable partner for your climate control project. We would like to get in touch and discuss the required expertise for you project.

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