Take control and save on energy costs

Scan periodically for energy saving potentials and heat recovery and lower the energy costs

Energy Audits

Frequently Verhoef Consultancy performs energy audits (EED). The energy audit focusses on opportunities and possibilities for energy savings within buildings and processes, preventing energy losses, and optimisation the use of waste heat in processes and installations. Examples are the use of heat recovery in refrigeration installations and from processes, and also usage of heat pumps for a natural-gas-free building.

During the energy audit, the energy flows will be analysed in order to understand the energy consumption and losses. Based on the analysis of the energy flows combined with the knowledge of the building and processes, potential energy savings will be presented including a cost-profit analysis.

Over the last decades, Verhoef Consultancy specialized in the functioning and further improvements of the efficiency of refrigeration installations and the use of waste heat. Existing refrigeration installations can be analysed for energy saving potentials. Based on the results, a plan for improving the installations can be made and goals can be set, often it is possible to implement the energy savings potentials on a logical and natural moment.

In general refrigeration systems do have a long life time. Due to the long life time, it is recommended and interesting to check periodically the existing system for energy saving potentials, such as replacing components, or even adding an add-on heat pump. Changes in law and legislation (for example the F-gas regulation, or natural-gas-free buildings) might also be a trigger for setting new goals.

Verhoef Consultancy is a reliable partner for your systems. We will gladly make an appointment in order to discuss the possibilities for energy savings and/or the transition towards a natural-gas-free installation. For possibilities, see our reference projects.

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