Future proof heat supply

A natural-gas-free operation?
Upgrade heat recovery by using heat pumps!

Industrial heat pumps

Verhoef Consultancy has been designing and applying "future-proof" industrial heat pump systems for several years. Industrial heat pumps have been implemented for some time, not only for heating areas and offices, but also for industrial processes such as washers and cleaning water. The possibilities of industrial heat pumps are endless, also in combination with other techniques of heat recovery.

An accelerated transition is currently taking place, a combined cooling / heat pump system must provide all the cold and heat within the buildings, all year round. This is possible with a correct system concept and good engineering.

By taking into account legal developments and developments in the refrigerant market, a future-proof cooling and heating system can be designed. Thorough investigation of the expected and seasonal cooling and heating needs is required. Verhoef Consultancy has the expertise required for this.

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