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Verhoef Consultancy

Since 1979 Verhoef Consultancy has a well-known reputation in the field of industrial refrigerating, heat pumps and indoor-climate systems. Over the past years Verhoef Consultancy designed and accompanied many installations, nationally and internationally. Refrigeration installations designed by Verhoef Consultancy are innovative, reliable, energy efficient, future-proof, and are always customized, based on the customer's needs and requirements.

Various techniques are applicable for realizing the desired indoor climate conditions (temperature, relative humidity, and so on). These techniques are for example refrigeration, heat pumps, ventilation, over and/or under-pressure, drying techniques, adsorption or absorption, humidification, and so on.

Over the years, there has been an increasing demand for logistic distribution centres. Also a trend to integrate processing and packaging areas and integrate logistical automation systems in buildings. The increasing scale of dimensions of buildings combined with changing requirements on logistics and hygiene require improved climate techniques, including air management. Improvements in refrigeration techniques, such as (add-on) heat pumps and drying installations, are necessary to keep up with these new developments (such as natural-gas-free operation, and EU regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases). Verhoef Consultancy closely monitors these developments on national and international scale. Annually Verhoef Consultancy is involved in a large number of new installations and renovations, nationally and internationally.

Verhoef Consultancy has developed itself into a leading consultancy firm, specializing in refrigeration systems, with heat recovery, in logistic distribution centres in the food-sector. At the moment Verhoef Consultancy is a well-established brand name for consultancy in refrigerated storage, conditioned production / processing, high-care areas and innovative cooling solutions.

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